About this website!

Welcome to the wiki of my life!

[Now that the dust has settled and I have the basics about done, it's time to revisit this page and make it better!]

The goal of this website is, as you can probably see from the design of it, is to be a wikipedia all about the life of me! It will include thoughts I've had, projects I've done (and thrown to The Pile), how my life went and what troubles and giggles I went through!
I'm probably sticking with this classic Wikipedia design for the main page and the articles, but for other types of content (like my drawings or the shareplace!) I will probably modify it - Firstly to learn more about making websites (since I'm quite new and haven't made a big website like this yet), and secondly to make this site just generally more varied and fun to look through!
Articles will probably often interlink, either to other articles or fitting pages of other websites here on Neocities that are about the topic at hand!

Since I'm also new to the culture of the revived 90s, this is also quite a new experience!
I want to learn everything about it (and will probably make an article to help out others too)!
One of the things that made me join was the thought or feeling that this is more interconnected, like the feeling that the webmasters of different websites actually communicating and collabrating and stuff (To this regard, I link to this!).
I know that there are banner button-thingies that link to one site, that there may be a thing called "The neighborhood", that there are so-called keyrings and that guestbooks are a thing.
Other than that, I'm a helpless fish that's flapping around!

I've also gotten a few ideas (*cough* more like one I really like *cough*) about what would be a cool community thing (*cough* a constantly open minecraft server for anyone to join and fumble around in *cough*).

And although having a cool general style makes it visually pleasing, it also makes it visually dull. One of the first idea's I had about this webpage was making it scribble based, with the squared background, loads of drawings with a digital drawing tablet. The images would be attached with duct tape, and some things would be on crumpled paper. I could have the freedom to draw anything anywhere and it would fit in. That's the reason I still stuck with the squared background. It's supposed to have that feeling that this is like a scrapbook and every page might be different, even if it's just through some doodles.
Of course, sometimes just doing something completely radical, like a page with completely other styling, will be fun to do! (Plus they make browsing this a bit more varied. I imagine that once when the website flourishes and I have a really large amount of articles, these little experiments will be a little treat for delving into my dabblings!)

This website is an amalgimation of everything of me. Each article here was written during different times and emotions of my life. In one article I may be slinging jokey left and right while in others I might be sad and write in a matter of fact way. Some articles are silly and lighthearted, while others are going deep and sensual. Reading this might be a jarring experience thus far.

About me!

The WEBMASTER introduces himself.

[The description of me will change according to the mood I'm in. Sometimes my positive and sometimes my negative characteristics stand in the spotlight. So maybe I'll include multiple descriptions of myself. Have this quick blurb I made right when making this page as compensation while I think of a better description]

I'm a late male teen individual with, when actually up for it, a lot of interests or at least things I like to do! These things include dancing, thinking through problems (like with programming or making a complicated thing using redstone in minecraft, for example!), drawing, writing, creating cool stuff (mostly in video games, like an elevator in minecraft), singing, drumming, making things look beautiful and contributing to various projects I find worthwhile! I'm struggling a lot with emotions, so expect a handful of articles on how I perceive them, and even more about how I tackle them! I have multiple sides in me (for example, at times I really like adorable stuff and want to smile and cuddle and hug with anything adorable, or at times I'm joking around in my head and can bring myself to laugh at them). I can speak the mystical language of german and english, and I like the way people in other places talk (like in britain, canada or australia)! I also enjoy listening to music from mostly video games and when I'm in the mood (rarely) even talking to people and sharing my thoughts and all that!

Style and Organization

I like it quite messy and strewn about! It feels cozy to me and has a charme I like. This extends to my sketches and drawings, where I like it when it's chaotic in a way that's visually pleasing, with a lot going on and such. I like the theme of jesters or generally characters that are thoughtful and trickster-like; knowing a lot but playing around with that knowledge to toy with others. As such, I do enjoy the one or other prank. It's tense in that it's a trick that needs to be prepared for and depending on the prank stealthily executed, but the stakes aren't as high to risk anything of value!

This site has awards? :o