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Art from Animal Crossing


    The first design that was made to act as the island flag (named Ribiko). The orange icon in the top-left represents the national fruit and my favourite color, and was also used in my first clothing I made, the Ribiko-Coat (and hat)


    I liked the various colors of the sunset as well as the siluette levels from Donkey Kong, so this was born. The highlights on the lower part are too bright for my taste, but I like the rest!


    The second image aside from flag things that got finished. I REALLY like this one! The cassette is cool, the glow effect is cool, the aesthetic is cool - Everything's cool!

  4. FEZ

    This multiple piece painting was made to adorn the walls of my humble home. It depicts the starting village of the game FEZ. I really love the tiny feel of it!


    This remake was made to make the background smoother using the gradient tool from Aseprite. This makes it even more pleasing to look at, especially when the images are right next to each other (Hint: Try pressing the left mouse button while hovering over a multi-piece painting!)


    A second idea for the island flag that I stuck with to this day. Something about the upper right lines makes this dynamic and I like it a lot!


    Probably made when I was hours away before a conflict I wanted to avoid happened. The eye is supposed to show the intense pressure other people can sometimes give me. I also like the subtle background design - faintly visible outlines of something have something that's pleasing!


    Originally made to place next to a well, this piece of dark humor generally has a really pleasent look to it, making it one of my favourites both humor and art-wise.


    Depicting a painting from the game 'Tangle Tower'. I just liked the imagery of it and ported it over to Animal Crossing. Now it's even ported to my website!

The writing in here is quite rambly and not so on point - it shouldn't be taken so seriously right now.

I'm quite surprised how good most of these pixel arts are!
Normally when I try to do pixel art on Aseprite, I loose motivation and a lot of the times can't really find the right colors, but with Animal Crossing: New Horizons pixel art feels easy and light!
It's fun to see an idea I had get slowly more refined each time I select a new color and pixel by pixel change the way it looks.
It's really approachable, and I think it's because:

    The limited palette has great control but doesn't feel too overwhelming. The way it is setup makes it somehow easy (The way the canvas at the bottom left shows a preview, in the context of Animal Crossing I could wear the design or put it on objects or hang it in my home)

I've also designed some clothes I would like to share when I get the chance to!