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Pixel Art!

"Because this website is the definition of High Quality"

For more Pixel Art, visit the "Art from Animal Crossing" page!

I find pixel art in general somehow very pleasing. I think it has to do with the simplicity of how it looks?

These medals are simple, as in I made them in 15 minutes, but weirdly enough they're one of the most pleasing things I could look at.

A little design I attempted to do for a windmill for Minecraft. It isn't really anything worth showing off, but I've put it here anyway because any content is good content, right?

Custom Banners & Buttons

A pixel art version of the logo of this website I'm very proud of! They we're originally made for my button, but even just alone they're pleasant to look at!

All the self-made buttons for links in the Neighborhood that didn't have any official buttons!

- gwern.net (Just a downscaled version of his favicon)
- Louis Rossmann (Made by downscaling the icon of this YouTube channel (Louis Rossmann: RANDOM LIVE) and sort-of tracing it)
- HealthyGamerGG