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The Digital Gardens

A collection of semi-developed thoughts

This place serves as a middle-ground between the full-fletched articles and the raw thoughts I dump at the Smack Sheet.
It houses short-to-medium long snippets of a concept, observation or thought that struck me and that aren't big enough to have an entire article/page dedicated to them.
This page might also serve as a appetizer for the main articles because small thoughts are easier to get out than articles, and so there might be a lot of small stuff here before most articles form themselves.

I found the idea of a digital garden originally on bikobatanari's website and liked his implementation of it and found his use of a garden as a metaphor pretty fitting and thought this website could use it as well!

Childhood emotions


I liked something about the feeling of GameJolt pages.
Quite a lot of things had a special feeling when I was a child, and even though I can't quite name them,I mostly recognize them and remember what it was to visit that page as a child.
How I liked horror games, how the ui of the site and it's colors somehow contributed to this specific emotional cocktail.



There's this feeling I experienced today as more views started flooding to this site.
I felt pressured to keep up the updates so to keep that influx of new people up.
I've read and heard about other content creators having that same feeling of pressure, and now, even with a website that is really small, those 186 views this website already has has given me that pressure.

Keeping this feeling would be a hinderance, so right now I'm trying to remember that I have the privilige of never needing this to update. I want to remember that I can take my own pace doing this.
Things like these, like these feelings of pressure probably stem from beliefs and situations from the past, so I need to rewrite them, and this website is an opportunity to do that!

[God, that line felt cheesy -Future Me]

Language & Talking to yourself

10. June, 2022

I found language to be fascinating because besides all the cool stuff it allows us to do it is somewhat integral to the way we function. From perusing the internet, I broadly gathered that there are people who think more in words and people who think more in images. I primarily think in words, and it's fascinating to see that this complex thing called language fits so well with the hardware of our brain to the point that it's kind of changes the way we think.

From previous experience I can see that even though you can't perfectly speak a language yet (in my case english in childhood), you can still think in perfectly fluid english in your mind, indicating that speaking a language requires something with control about the mouth and stuff next to the language you can process in your brain.

I also wonder how people who primarily think visually would go about writing texts. For me, I can simply talk to myself (I can talk to myself using my voice I hear from myself) and see every "thought I have as words" (It's a bit abstract to describe). Do people with visual thinking have thoughts or concrete words arrise from the images they see and therefore indirectly think in words?

It might also be that I didn't get the full picture because I didn't really intensively research this (which I maybe should) and missed like a third way to think or something.
Either way, our brains are as fascinating as they are confusing!

The "Teardown-Emotion"

11. June, 2022

Very specific, but there is this one thing with the game Teardown.
It's levels / environments combined with the music (or just the music in an dark environment with many lights that create complex lighting in real life) almost consistantly make me feel an emotion I still have trouble describing. Rarely any other game has had that large of an effect on me! And it's really wondrous and cool, since it improves my feelings automatically (it's like a mood buff because of this undescribeable feeling!)

The Art of when to update

12. June, 2022

Just a thought I'm dumping here. I've thought a more than a little of when to push out this update.

I came to the following options:

  1. I push out an update everytime something I find important can be shared
  2. This methodology requires a website that is always in an uploadable state, which goes against my current workflow of I do what I want when I want to, since that results in a lot of open construction sites that are not only hard to track,
    Additionally, this lets everyone know that anytime this website receives an update, it has content in it I find valueable, either for myself or for others.

  3. I push out an update ev

Rules for a perfect society

12. June, 2022

One day we got homework in religion class to play through a little mindgame. Sadly, I can't really remember a lot of the details, but the gist of it was this:
In this game, there was a small community of humans with an either limited or unlimited (I can't remember) amount of the essentials (like food or water). It was our goal to make a list of rules that were to be followed by everyone so that in the end, negative things like inequality, poor people, stealing, murder etc. were prevented.

It would take some time to find my previous rules, so I'll let this sit here for now.
(This thought definitely has potential to become a full article!)