The garden

(a temporary(?) thought dump)

Referencing the concept of digital gardens that I learned from the page of bikobatanari, this is a place where short thoughts and ideas that came me to mind were written down hastily, quickly, but by no means without care-ly.

Childhood emotions

I liked something about the feeling of GameJolt pages.
Quite a lot of things had a special feeling when I was a child, and even though I can't quite name them, I mostly recognize them and remember what it was to visit that page as a child.
How I liked horror games, how the ui of the site and it's colors somehow contributed to this specific emotional cocktail.


There's this feeling I experienced today as more views started flooding to this site.
I felt pressured to keep up the updates so to keep that influx of new people up.
I've read and heard about other content creators having that same feeling of pressure, and now, even with a website that is really small, those 186 views this website already has has given me that pressure.
Keeping this feeling would be a hinderance, so right now I'm trying to remember that I have the privilige of never needing this to update. I want to remember that I can take my own pace doing this.
Things like these, like these feelings of pressure probably stem from beliefs and situations from the past, so I need to rewrite them, and this website is an opportunity to do that!