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This page serves as a hub to help you in three things:

  1. Navigating this website
  2. Helping you understand the old web and Neocities
  3. Giving you tips and tricks for making your very own websites!

You're out of luck however, since this website is still a new thing and I haven't really begun writing a ton for it yet. Most of the work is spent setting up proper HTML and CSS to get this website on a good baseline!
Because of this, you need browse this website the old-fashioned way...

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  1. Navigating this website
    1. Basic structure, thought and idea behind this website
  2. Navigating the old web
    1. The Origin story
    2. Common Terminology
  3. Making your own website!
    1. How this was made
    2. Tips n' Tricks

Navigating this website

Navigating the old web

Common terminology





Information Dump

There are a lot of webpages on the web. A l o t.
This makes it not surprising that after a while of browsing the websites of other people it can become dull.
With everyone sharing all their crazy hobbies and interests and whatever else they can scrap up, each person can start to blur together in a homogenous mass of people that unify themselves in that they have webpages about themselves.
It's a metric fuck-ton of personality that although in some aspects unique also feels samey, indifferent.
I can probably imagine that it's the same with real life. If you constantly surround yourself with other people and learn about them, their interests may be unique to them, but it all looses value the more and more gets dumped on ya.
If you were to be pursuing one hobby constantly, it would probably become dull as well if that hobby doesn't deck a lot of unique tasks that are seperated by a moderate amount of time (like multiple hours).
Variety brings value to nearly anything. The effect a thing has is strongest when it hasn't been done in a while. The effect is even amplified depending on how you felt before doing the thing and the thing made you feel. In other words we best feel the difference between feelings instead of constant feelings themselves. So what would be a non chemically caused depression then? It's a constant feeling, right?

Making your own website!

Making your own tags

You can make your own tags in HTML akin to <e> or <b>!
Simply writing <ENTER_TAG_NAME_HERE> and then defining it in CSS using:
color: red;