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This is the changelog! 18th OCT, 2021 - Near Midnight

I've changed the text about the things I'm currently into, that's all for now really.
Shockingly big progress, right?
Well, I've also been working a bit on the formatting, but it's a bit on hold because school is there to enslave my free time.
School also brings back interacting with a lot of people (which is difficult because it brings many a fear into me, but the first day went swimmingly somehow! :D), so I'd rather focus on that for now!
Also it's a bit of a slog to fix the current errors, but I will probably adress it in the near future and then there's more shiny formatting.
(P.S.: I've also written a little essay on 'How to react to feelings' where I've captured the worst feelings of my life for the first time! I'll also upload it here after I have translated it to English (It's originally written in german))
(PP.S.: What a nice first article to break the ice here, eh? :D)

Things I'm currently into!

I've recently replayed the game "PixelJunkâ„¢ Shooter Ultimate" again and it's better than I've previously thought!
I originally wanted to play it again since I began listening to it's soundtrack again and wanted to hear the track 'Nano Bytes' in-game since it's my favourite and also because the game uses adaptive audio, which basically changes the track depending on if there's action or not!
During my first playthrough I didn't really pay attention to the music (except for 'More or Less', which has lyrics in the soundtrack version but not ingame!) so it made it even more magical to hear the one really nice and emotional part of 'Nano Byte' without the saxophone, where it's just the piano and the violin!

I would recommend the game!

Also I have binge-watched a lot of John Wolfe's content because I like videos about a man of steel playing (and taking the piss out of) horror games.