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+++ My mother has been re-decorating the house to give it a christmas vibe already. It's nothing like santas or candy canes; only warm and comfortable lighting in every room. It really has it's effect since it's cold outside now! Now the only thing that would make it cozier is seeing snow slowly descend outside in the dark while the light and warm atmosphere fill up the house. It's been years since lighting made me feel this way, so it's really nice! (Perhaps consider lighting up your place too!) +++ These last few marquees have been long. As we all know, the true good lies in balance. Therefore, have a few short stupid ones! +++ I like the Killer Fish from San Diego +++ Apparently (according to my brother) this marquee tag is a sort of programmer joke since html-elements aren't supposed to be dynamic. I don't really get it, but I'm happy that marquee still exists and is supported by many browsers. I failed dearly trying to make this via CSS. +++ Oh man, my mind is empty and I feel a bit guilty with this little amount of text here. I apparently subconsiously put myself under pressure to get out a threshold of content (^^)’ +++ I will probably let this be for now. +++ The impact music can have is incredible, but I see throughout my life that a lot of other things have the same impact as music. Emotions are often blown out of proportion by ourselves - I often call this emotions "consuming" oneself. +++

...from the 2. week of september 2021 - A slow and melancholic morning as I feel like a bit of a mess

It is I, Me!
Bringing you new content to shove into your eyes!

Most of the additions are in the substantially rushed Art page again! Serving more art from animal crossing, pixel art and, for the first time, art with a resolution higher than 64px! Those with an eye for the arts will enjoy this update!
Elsemore, more pages have appeared!

  • Teeny Tower, an even more cooler but probably unknown way to link to other pages. It's unfinished, and probably will be for a longer time, but I want share the concept already since I think it's cool!
  • A "Guestbook" (in apantheses) where you can write to me but I not with you.
  • and a Help page. It features no actual content except a blurt out string of thought on browsing other people's websites. It will be a hub full of helpful information in general once I get started with articles.
I've also tried tinkering with RSS with no avail. You can see my attempt on the rss.xml-page!
More little fixes have also been made, with a bit of writing sprinkled in the About page and fixed font-sizing and probably some weird knack I did once and forgot about, so it's even a surprise to me what's new!

Also: o/

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What's happening and what I wanna share (REPEAT FROM LAST UPDATE)

My favourite track from the game Teardown is Villa Gordon during a heist. The first time I watched the game was at a LongLiveQuebec-Livestream, and when he first played a mission in Villa Gordon, the atmosphere felt special. The calm music combined with the nighttime and calm gameplay of Quebec breaking brushes really had something that stuck on me. Now it stuck with the music for me too.
If you're looking for kick-ass music, Teardown offers it as well in the Hunted challenges!
Part 2 for the game is gonna come out on december and I, am, Excited!

Now, onto the next topic: 'Create' and the modpack 'Create: Above and Beyond'.
Create is a mod for minecraft adding automation technology in a sort off steampunkish way, with cogwheels, windmills, conveyor belts etc.. It's intuitive and really polished!
One of the coolest things in it are contraptions, meaning a group of blocks that can be moved or rotated. This greatly expands the things one can do in this mod.
Things like trains and elevators become possible with it!
'Create: Above and Beyond' is a modpack with a focus on Create and a handful of other mods that add to the technical aspects of automation.
The gist of it that there are about fifty inventions that you need to make, tinker with and modify into a chain of supplies that ultimately builds a rocket with which you can fly to the moon.
I think that that sounds like Factorio, but since I never played Factorio nor any other games like that, I can't really compare it.
I've got what I consider a decent progress, and it can be fun, so hooray!

I started reading Homestuck because of the track 'Moonsetter' that randomly shuffled to me during listening to SoundCloud. It's ridiculous how beautiful it is and how happy it makes me!
Homestuck itself also hits my humour and interest and I would recommend it, although some content uses flash which is deprecated I think, so you may need to fiddle with alternatives like 'The Unofficial Homestuck Collection' which I haven't used yet!
Moonsetter is haunting me and playing over and over in my head. it has haunted me the entire day yesterday and may do so today. it's nice but it's also kind of dull please send help i dont want this engraved into my ears.

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