The Neighborhood!

"Welcome to da hood!"

My Buttons!
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Choose the version you most prefer!
The difference between the left and right column is a slight transparent layer that indicates the path of the pancake belt around the planet!
(If you click on the button, you can hear the music that represents the mood I wanted that button to represent!)
(If you hover over it, you can see my description of the mood I'm aiming for!)
(I am really proud that I was able to make that cool idea into a sort of mediocre/good animation! Even just the broken/shattered planet in the bg makes this look 50x cooler!)

This is the place where there will be a lot of sparkly, colorful banner-button-thingies that link to other websites that I like!
I first thought that this (the name 'Neighborhood') was a widespread name for it, but the only website where I have found it being called 'neighboorhood' on was bikobatanari's site. I still like the indirect reasoning he gave for naming it 'the neighborhood' (You can read it in an article from him here!) and so I stuck with it!
(Scratch that, I actually found that terminology on multiple website now, so it's semi-official!)

For websites that don't have their own buttons (which is often the case with websites that are not hosted on NeoCities), I'd like to make own custom buttons either from scratch or using some graphics on the site as a basis! I think I would also like to rework this page a bit to make me able to mark buttons that I've created myself.

History of the word Neighborhood

Interestingly, I learned through a website that archives websites from the now defunct GeoCites that the term neighborhood might have originated from the fact that websites on early GeoCitites didn't have their own domains (like this website has it's 'squaredpancake' bit in the front), but were rather assigned to a list of neighborhoods with a number attached to identify each page. This would make it possible to visit one's neighboring pages by simply incrementing or decrementing one's own number, essentially simulating a real neighborhood.
If you're interested in this, I found an article which summarizes what neighborhoods were in ye oldé GeoCities day to a fantastic extent!

A stray thought about commenting buttons and websites

Recently, I found that it feels a bit blank when other pages just have a wall of buttons and say "here ya go! have fun!".
On the one hand, it encourages exploration - Bomb-diving into the cold waters without dipping your toes in first - and that can certainly have it's charm! But on the other hand, it would also be interesting to see why a person in particular has decided to put that button specifically on their own website. What is it that makes that website special or engaging to them that they found it worth sharing?
So I brushed up the old tooltips and gave every button my reasons why I like them! You can still have the experience of just clicking something randomly (although with a selection as small as this, it isn't exactly long-lived fun) if you want!

My Neighbors

This section features pages from other Neocitizens (with the exception of (and Louis Rossmann (and HealthyGamerGG)))!

This section has moved over to the Simple Suite because maintaining two versions of the same thing is silly and impractical.