The Neighborhood!

"Welcome to da hood!"

This is the place where there will be a lot of sparkly, colorful banner-button-thingies that link to other websites that I like!
I first thought that this (the name 'Neighborhood') was a widespread name for it, but the only website where I have found it being called 'neighboorhood' on was bikobatanari's site. I still like the indirect reasoning he gave for naming it 'the neighborhood' (You can read it in an article from him here!) and so I stuck with it!
(Scratch that, I actually found that terminology on multiple website now, so it's semi-official!)

Now, if you want to share the whopping ~2 articles about me, you can!
I've been in an art daze and already made a button protoype I'm happy with!
If you want to use it already, here ya go! Make your wall of buttons bigger than it can ever be!

(If you click on the button, you can hear the music that represents the mood I wanted that button to represent!)
(If you hover over it, you can see my description of the mood I'm aiming for!)

(I don't know whether either hotlinking or downloading the image and hosting it on your own website is the norm here)
(From what I've gathered from other websites, it looks like hosting the images themselves is more common, but you can do whatever you want at the moment.)
(It's not like people are storming here to read all the nothingness that exists here at the moment :D)

My Neighbors

This section features pages from other Neocitizens!

The CSS of these isn't polished yet so if it spans two rows the buttons touch each other vertically without any margin

Well visited

Niche interests

Practically unknown