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Bonjour! This is a normal paragraph!


Here, instead of lorem ipsum, I will write my own dinky garbage. Have you heard of the new brigitte? I heard that Miss 'I don't like thinking of names for inconsequential things like this' has been having an affair with Mr. 'I don't give a shit'.
Oh, really! I just <br>oke down right there because my own life gets it's validation from the drama of other people!

That really shocked me to the <p>oint where I just needed a new paragraph to give me some air to breathe when I first heard it.

We interrupt this garbage to test a few of these p-info boxes. You can thank us later.

Test 1: Paragraph inside a paragraph.
Results: It displays as two different paragraphs. As soon as a new <p>-tag is used, the other one closes automatically. This leads to the next thing being outside a box even though it's "inside" the first <p>-tag.


Test 2: Div inside a paragraph.

Results: Same as last time. Although the div displays exactly as a <p> with the same class.
However, weirdly enough the box that follows has a bigger distance than this and the box above. Weird.
This behaviour was caused by an extra closing tag. Tags apparently take up space sometimes. Odd.

Test 3: When do tags end?

Test Text.

Results: It seems to do it everytime a new block-element occurs. Closing tags are only useful then to more easily see when something starts and ends, help my text editor with tab-spaces, and for elements that don't create a new box, like <span>.
Experimentation complete (for now).

Oh, don't mind me.

I'm just fixing the formatting with a header in the middle that has an image attached to it. *sweep**sweep**sweep*


What about a header with no subtitles?

That's just blasphemy, isn't it? I don't even get to be under my header. He's like family to me!

A header without an image

Well, that's just sad. I'm crying now. :,(

Works like a charm!

Just the subtitle

The fuck?

It's Time for: The 'Table of Contents'!

And that below a number of headers already!

"The sorting in this is excellent, and nobody can say otherwise!"

  1. AHeader.2
  2. Oh, don't mind me.
    1. What about a header with no subtitles?
    2. A header without an image
    3. Error: Header not found
  3. It's Time for: The 'Table of Contents'!
  4. Oh, really now?

  5. Let's try images!
  6. Infobox!
    1. BERTHA!
  7. The Mood-Banner
  8. TODO-List

Did you know that each browser interprets everything different, so that pages could look different in different browsers, either through different fonts, different heights from the <br> element, and other of these shenanigans.
That means more pain for those who want to make a webpage accessible through anything!
I'm currently working on this with firefox.

Holdup. The table of contents doesn't have a closing tag and ignores that a new box was made using <p>

Let's try images!

I... actually need to make images. Move on for now!
Actually, how do I make white space?

Exhibit A: Static images

Exhibit B: Static images with paragraphs

Oh Birgit, do you wanna hear me rap?

Am a bad rhymer // Mixing rhymes and money is a bad matter // Go getter if you like her better tell her // Am on a river bank with a wet teller // That’s the way I like her she’s my cute banker // Am stuck on her like a permanent marker // Don’t mark her she’s my baby boo don’t shyke her // I like her though she dey too vex e no matter // Pour me pure water shack holy water // When you don high you go fall for gutter // I no be aje butter I no like butter // Find me fresh bread oya now put bama

When pepper rest // We go touch fine girls for breast // Am never behind I stay abreast // Never to rest until I become the best // Nobody go fit test me // Na me myself dey test me // Your babe dey trip see now she don dey text me // No need to dey beef me // Step up your game no need to dey face me // Love me or hate me you no go fit stop me // I love my flows and my flows are so loving // My rhymes they keep coming // Like the tears in my enemies eye // They never run dry // Am the best am the most fly // The child of the most high // No grass can make you high like the most high // I see the redness in your eye but why // When your pocket don dry // Like water in the desert you are absent // Am the water in the seas am present // Your freshness one percent // Am a fresh boy hundred percent // I live in present tense // You are stuck in past tense // No wonder you are that tense // Like bad grammar you lack tenses // You fail like bad business with no chances

Damn, where did you learn to rap?

Exhibit C: Movable images


Bertha & Birgit
Bertha and Birgit are two fictional one-off characters that unwillingly help me test the syntax on this page. Their talking is about as interesting as Lorem ipsum. In season 2, Bertha gets the rap-virus, making her into a rapper against her will.
Type: One-Off Characters
Favourite Activity: Bickering

Did you hear? Someone is apparently transcribing our conversation and putting it online to test their website or something!
That's ludicrous! Where do you get all your ideas, Bertha?
Mah brain.
That wasn't like you, Bertha...


Bertha, is everything alright?

Oh, uhh... I felt a lil' dizzy just that mo'ment.
No. Don't tell me...
Don't tell u what?

Are... are you turning into a rapper?
tf u talkin 'bout? i'm fine as hell!

The Mood-Banner


Testing Tags - Vol. I

Specifically the <checkmark> tag for the condensed nav menu