The Articla Indexus

The Index of Indexes

This serves as a page where a link to every article that I've written (and will write) is listed alphabetically (for now). Using Ctrl+F to search for the name of articles makes this even more useful!
You can hover over (some of) the article names for a little description of what they're about!
In the future I plan on also making a toggle / section where it's sorted after general topic (like 'my views about things' or personal stuff like 'games I've played')!

(I've just realised that a page with every link in it is also called a sitemap, but I'll stick with Article Index since I like it more)

Articles sorted alphabetically


  • About
  • Addiction
  • Annoyance & anger
  • Adorable stuff
  • Attachment to characters


  • Beauty
  • Being attracted to a lot of girls
  • Believing


  • Childhood
  • Crushes
  • Conflicts
  • Controlling emotions
  • Cool images I found
  • Celeste
  • Chatting with friends and strangers
  • Control over others through lying
  • Composure
  • Cuddling
  • Community stuff!


  • Drawing
  • Deltarune
  • Do mosquitoes have a right to exist?
  • Disagreement and Confrontation
  • Devious Pranking
  • Dealing with complex topics
  • Drunk from happiness
  • Doomed to die?


  • Feeling empty, feeling of the "Void"
  • Envy
  • Emotes, and how they convey tone
  • Emotions consume you.
  • Emoticon Encyclopedia
  • Encyclopedia of Cool Lingo


  • Fear and Anxiety
  • Friends
  • Family
  • Feelings I face when I'm with other people
  • Feelin' like a ghost
  • Fluctuating motivation
  • Facing conflicts
  • Feeling like you're wasting your life away
  • Focus
  • Forgiveness
  • FEZ


  • Game Jams


  • Horror Games, their let's plays and my absolute fear of anything resembling 'scary'
  • Hopelessness and suicidality
  • How to deal with the horrible stuff of the world
  • How to interpret feelings
  • How to do things one hates
  • How to be a [REAL] Webmasta (in 5 eazy steps)
  • How habits form us
  • How emotions don't really listen to words (from my experience)


  • My Interests!
  • I like it messy!
  • Improvement
  • Indie games!
  • Intuition vs. Procedure
  • Is the world doomed?


  • Dummy entry


  • Dummy entry


  • Learning about others
  • wuv. twue wuv.
  • Living a healthy life
  • Lost Places
  • List of previous "What I'm currently into"-topics
  • Loosing the fear of death


  • Minecraft
  • Music
  • Morbid impulses
  • MadoCraft Real Estate
  • Memes and jokes
  • Midnight Horrors and chatting
  • My classmates
  • My favourite Words and Phrases!
  • Mysteries
  • My thoughts about Neocities!
  • My special other
  • Media so terrible that it makes me laugh because of it's ridiculousness
  • My own game ideas!
  • Missed opportunities
  • My argument against suicide


  • Nostalgia & Attachment to the old and simple
  • Not wanting to face the next day
  • Never enough
  • Notifications
  • NeoCities


  • Outer Wilds
  • Outer Wilds - Echoes of the Eye


  • Pressure
  • Politics
  • Photography
  • Personality
  • Previous website concepts
  • Privacy
  • Piracy


  • Dummy entry


  • Religion and devotion
  • Retaining information, reminding
  • r/place


  • Swinging
  • Suppressing emotions
  • Situations where you don't know what to do
  • Simple stuff vs complex stuff
  • Self-hatred
  • My Stuffed animals!
  • Social Media
  • Sociostasis
  • Specific fears of stuff that rarely happens
  • Stories about...
  • Social Anxiety!


  • Terraria
  • The ...-principle
  • The Feeling of time
  • Tunnel Vision
  • Teardown
  • The Base of Balance
  • The soft expiry date of everything
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
  • Thomas Was Alone
  • The Concept of concepts!
  • The Tug of War


  • Undertale
  • Urges


  • Video Games!


  • When should one be sad?
  • When am I motivated?
  • What makes a good puzzle?
  • When is a challenge fun or frustrating?
  • When should I enter a relationship?
  • When to speak up and the fear of being a nuisance
  • What others believe about me
  • Weird health phenomena


  • Dummy entry


  • Dummy entry


  • Dummy entry

Unlisted articles

Here, a bunch of unimportant articles lie around that aren't listed in the list above. These are either easily accessible through the bar on the left or things that don't make sense to have in here