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The Changelog

Reject complexity, embrace getting to the point

Well, this changelog is only really there to tell you that I've put this part of the website on indefinite hiatus. Reasoning being that working on this website is kind of a bad experience, with maintainence being in the way when I want to share a writing of mine.
I might ramble on about more reasons I'm doing this, but I'm not really feelin' it right now.

Instead of this website, I have made a little sub-site on which I will do whatever I want without maintanance work being in the way, called the Simple Hub.
It's going to be the only part of this website I will update, and I currently only have plans to ramble about my recent life stuff in a blog, because it just fits what I want to publish on the web.

Besides that, this old website will still stay up as the ruins of my first attempt at a personal website. It still has features and content the new Simple Suite doesn't have, but I'll port over most things I deem useful. (And it also has it's fair share of broken stuff or abruptly stopping sentences.)

I've also modified a few pages here for this update:

  • I removed the links from the neighborhood page since there is an equivalent 'links'-page in the new sub-site and maintaining two version of the same thing would be silly!
  • The splash page, which btw got a visual overhaul, now links to the simple sub-site instead of here!
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Current Happenings


Eh, I will move this over to my simple hub since it's like the blog I want to make.

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