The Changelog-Log

"Log the log!"

Guess what, bucko. I haven't finished this yet.
But lucky for you, you can do all the work to get what I could do for you! isn't that a great deal?
So, here! Take these backup files you can download and inspect on your own computer! There's no handholding or anything, but rather than see this as me being lazy, let's see this as the opportunity it truly is to learn what the website of a lazy person like me would look like!

  1. Humble Beginnings - 6th OCT, 2021 (43,8 KiB)
  2. 7th OCT, 2021 (59,6 KiB) (Sadly some files went missing somehow! You can try to tape it back together again using the other versions if you'd like!)
  3. 8th OCT, 2021 (80,3 KiB)
  4. 29th OCT, 2021 (642,9 KiB) (Yikes! What a spike!)
  5. 31rd OCT, 2021 (1,1 MiB)
  6. 7th NOV, 2021 (1,2 MiB)
  7. 14th NOV, 2021 (20,7 MiB) (It seems that that was the update I first uploaded Art with!)

(In all seriousness though:
This page kinda serves to archive and display my old website versions and to aid newcomer's to website making to how I did stuff. There are no comments, no guidance. Just purely you, the code and whatever dumpster fire it encoded.)