Error 404

Awww, man! I totally forgot to bring an [HYPERLINK BLOCKED]!

Sorry bro, this ain't a page you can go on.
If you're reading this, I either goofed up or you typed something in the adress bar which doesn't exist.
If you wanna head back, just go to the previous page or use the links in the sidebar!

If you're curious what Error 404 is specifically, have this definition that I wrote myself!

Error 404 is an error in which a link points to an address (like this webpage) or resource (like images) that doesn't exist.
Links that refer to such non-existent resources are also called dead links.
In case a webpage doesn't exist, most websites have a fallback webpage (on Neocities it's called "not_found.html") which gets shown instead.
For example, the page you're on right now is the "not_found.html"-page of this very website (!