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26. May, 2023
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I define graphics like buttons, stamps, blinkies and badges that are often downloaded and displayed by others as shareable graphics or simply shareables. Most of these are only here because I like how they look (Seriously! The amount of artistry put into these tiny graphics blows me away sometimes!). You might even discover one or the other graphic made by me in here.

If you only want to see the shareables I made myself, visit the "Me shareables" page.

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Some places I sourced these graphics from

These can serve as a good starting point if you want more.

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Some people also seem to call these "Badges", which confuses me on two levels:

Website buttons


"A style of graphic that's most popular on deviantart, an art website that was popular in the early 2000s. Usually around 99x56px."
- newlambda's graphics page

Besides 99x56 there are also a few 100x56px and 99x55px stamps in here (and one 103x59px stamp).


"Small, flashing gif banners that were popular on cites like geocities. Most of these are from old geocities sites, but some have been made recently in the same style. Most banner-type blinkies are 150x20px, but "blinkie" can describe many small flashing graphics of different sizes."
- newlamba's graphics page

I personally don't like blinkies that blink too much.



"Tiny 80x15 buttons used to provide information about a site or its maker at a glance."
- newlambda's graphics page

Seem to also be called antipixels



I'm a bit hesitant to call favicons a shareable - it feels a bit more like something other people wouldn't really want distributed compared to stuff like buttons or stamps.

Nevertheless, I do find some favicons pretty and shareworthy and if someone doesn't want them here, I can remove them!